Greetings in the name of  the Lord!
The Pastor, First Lady, and Abundant Life family extend to you an
invitation to join us in any of our scheduled services. Come and
experience God's glory and  His life-changing power, as we worship
God in the beauty of holiness. Your life will be blessed!
Service Times

Sunday School                                          8:30 am

Sunday Morning Worship                     10:00 am

YPWW Training Union                           6:00 pm

Sunday Evening Worship                        7:30 pm

Wednesday Prayer & Bible Study          7:00 pm

Thursday Morning Prayer                    12:00 noon

Friday Evangelistic Worship                  7:00 pm
Mission Statement
Leading man to Salvation through the Word
of God and to help develop the whole man
naturally and spiritually to live in this
present world until the coming of our Lord
and Savior Jesus Christ.
The Church Doors will be
open on Sunday
Services will be conducted
according to the CDC
guidelines:  All attendees
must wear face mask and sit
6ft apart.