Youth Department

The Sunshine Band was organized for ministering to and
nurturing our children ages 12 and under. It was founded
by the late Bishop Charles H. Mason in 1911.

The primary focus of the Sunshine Band is to reach out
to our children and introduce them to Christ and what it
means to be Christ like at an early age.  Through the
Sunshine Band, children have the opportunity to learn
about God and His love, Jesus (God’s son) and basic
Biblical principles.  We want our children to have a
foundation in God’s Word so they will be able to live
Godly lives and lead others to Christ.

Auxiliary also includes:

Children’s Choir
Junior Ushers
Tambourine Band
Purity Class

Puritans are youth between the ages of 13 and 18 years. We meet for bible
study, choir rehearsal, and various other youth activities.  It is our goal to
promote spiritual growth and increase youth fellowship.

Theme:  To be the Mirror that Reflects the Image of Christ

Objective:  Achieving and Maintaining God’s Standard

Auxiliary also includes:

Junior Ushers
Leadership Training Class
Praise & Worship Team
Teen Talk
Youth Choir
Young Men of Valor
Young Women of Excellence
Abundant Life Church of God in Christ